Professional Russian Translator. No Frills, no filler, just answers

Finding the right professional Russian translator exactly for your needs is hard.


Today, in the era of digital transformation, business owners require professional Russian translators to complete certain tasks. Some want Russian translators to translate a landing page into Russian to launch a few promotions in the Russian-speaking market, others want to localize into Russian the whole website, including brand.

E.g. a few weeks ago I was localizing an email marketing campaign into Russian for a hotel. To complete the project I had to utilize not only my language knowledge and skills, but also html and css skills, image editing, keyword research and analysis, SEO optimization.  That was quite a complex project from the point of the skills which are required to fullfill the tasks. And not many translators can deal with that.

To avoid misunderstanding, you have to clarify with the translator all the tasks and goals of your project. If you are lucky to find the professional Russian translator, he or she will ask you the following:

1. What is the goal of the Russian translation project.
2. Have you prepared a list of keywords in Russian.
3. What do you expect users to do when they will see the translated content into Russian.
4. What is your Russian-speaking target audience (children, women, etc)?
5. Are you going to promote the translated content in the Russian-speaking social networks?

Check an infographics on what benefits you will get if you use professional Russian translator services.


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