Test Translation: more than 1000 words within 3 hours without a break?

Today I've got an email where it was stated that I am very lucky as I have passed the first stage and have been chosen among more than 1000 Russian translators.

Ok,  more than 1000 Russian translators online ... May be ...

And then I was asked to complete the test.

I have done quite a lot of test translations in my life. Especially in the beginning of my career. Actually, it has never been a problem for me to translate around 300 words free of charge.

But this time it was different. Actually, I've never thought that the companies could be so impudent! This time I was asked to complete a test translation online which last 3 hours!!! It covers translation and localization of a text which is about 1000 words, localization of adwords ads, and additional localization of content.

My failure is that I couldn't find the words to explain that this is not a test translation. This is a very big project which cannot be done within 3 hours. I was just at a loss.

I read somewhere when companies were asking to translate around 1000 words for a test. But I've never come across the fact that it should be done within three hours without any stop.


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