Why Your Website Should Speak Russian?

Many website owners ask me almost the same questions:

"How would I determine whether my online business would need website localization into Russian?"
"How can I find out whether Russian-speaking customers would be interested in my products?"
"How can I find out if the investments into Russian localization won't be useless?"

I summarized all these questions into one:

Why your website should speak Russian?

Of course, the first answer would be is that Russian is one of the most popular languages in the world. The Russian-speaking market is huge and very attractive for many businesses as there are a lot of consumers there. And on the top of that, Russian-speaking consumers do not know English and prefer doing online shopping in their own language.

I am sure, you might have heard about that a lot.

If you are thinking about whether Russian-speaking consumers would be interested in your goods and services, then it is worth making keyword research and analysis.

Keyword investigation will help you find out which keywords the target Russian-speaking audience is using while looking for goods and services similar to yours on the web.

So, how to find out how Russian-speaking consumers look for goods on the web?

The most popular keyword research and analysis tool in Russia is Wordstatistics by Yandex.

This tool will give you exact types of inquiries, volume, and competition. It is very similar to Keyword Google Planner, but it is adapted more for the Russian market.

Ideally, this stage should be implemented into translation and localization services. But unfortunately many translators still believe that localizing a website to Russian is only slightly more complex than translating a text document. Some still believe that website localization includes only linguistic and cultural adaptation. That's how Wikipedia defines "website localization".

As the result, this approach in translation studies generates a big gap between website translators and website owners. The last ones are completely unsatisfied with localization services as the translated content doesn't bring new customers.

So, if you determined, that Russian-speaking consumers are interested in your goods and services as they make searches with the keywords related to your business, then you should come up to the next level - how to choose the best Russian translator and how to save on Russian translator services.


  1. Would you share your experience? if you are a website owner, how did you decide that your website needs translation? if you are a translator, what do you do to eliminate the gap between you and customer?

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