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Why Your Website Should Speak Russian?

Many website owners ask me almost the same questions:

"How would I determine whether my online business would need website localization into Russian?"
"How can I find out whether Russian-speaking customers would be interested in my products?"
"How can I find out if the investments into Russian localization won't be useless?"

I summarized all these questions into one:

Why your website should speak Russian?

Of course, the first answer would be is that Russian is one of the most popular languages in the world. The Russian-speaking market is huge and very attractive for many businesses as there are a lot of consumers there. And on the top of that, Russian-speaking consumers do not know English and prefer doing online shopping in their own language.

I am sure, you might have heard about that a lot.

If you are thinking about whether Russian-speaking consumers would be interested in your goods and services, then it is worth making keyword research and a…