Test Translation: more than 1000 words within 3 hours without a break?

Today I've got an email where it was stated that I am very lucky as I have passed the first stage and have been chosen among more than 1000 Russian translators.

Ok,  more than 1000 Russian translators online ... May be ...

And then I was asked to complete the test.

I have done quite a lot of test translations in my life. Especially in the beginning of my career. Actually, it has never been a problem for me to translate around 300 words free of charge.

But this time it was different. Actually, I've never thought that the companies could be so impudent! This time I was asked to complete a test translation online which last 3 hours!!! It covers translation and localization of a text which is about 1000 words, localization of adwords ads, and additional localization of content.

My failure is that I couldn't find the words to explain that this is not a test translation. This is a very big project which cannot be done within 3 hours. I was just at a loss.

I read somewhere when …

Why Your Website Should Speak Russian?

Many website owners ask me almost the same questions:

"How would I determine whether my online business would need website localization into Russian?"
"How can I find out whether Russian-speaking customers would be interested in my products?"
"How can I find out if the investments into Russian localization won't be useless?"

I summarized all these questions into one:

Why your website should speak Russian?

Of course, the first answer would be is that Russian is one of the most popular languages in the world. The Russian-speaking market is huge and very attractive for many businesses as there are a lot of consumers there. And on the top of that, Russian-speaking consumers do not know English and prefer doing online shopping in their own language.

I am sure, you might have heard about that a lot.

If you are thinking about whether Russian-speaking consumers would be interested in your goods and services, then it is worth making keyword research and a…

Localize App keywords for free | Russian translator

I like to cooperate with App developers. That's why I decided to give them a special offer:

I localize App keywords into Russian for free from 19 June 2017 till 30 June 2017.

If you still do not know what's the difference between Russian translation and localization, then you should check this post on How To Boost Mobile App Downloads With Keywords Localization | Russian Translator.

Meanwhile, what will you get when you send me a request to translate and localize the keywords during this time?

- I will provide you with a list of all possible keywords within your niche with the relevant search volume and competition rate.

- I will backtranslate those keywords for you to take the final decision, which words to choose.

Hurry! The time is limited! 👉Send your requests.

Professional Russian Translator. No Frills, no filler, just answers

Finding the right professional Russian translator exactly for your needs is hard.


Today, in the era of digital transformation, business owners require professional Russian translators to complete certain tasks. Some want Russian translators to translate a landing page into Russian to launch a few promotions in the Russian-speaking market, others want to localize into Russian the whole website, including brand.

E.g. a few weeks ago I was localizing an email marketing campaign into Russian for a hotel. To complete the project I had to utilize not only my language knowledge and skills, but also html and css skills, image editing, keyword research and analysis, SEO optimization.  That was quite a complex project from the point of the skills which are required to fullfill the tasks. And not many translators can deal with that.

To avoid misunderstanding, you have to clarify with the translator all the tasks and goals of your project. If you are lucky to find the professional Russian transl…

How To Find A Russian Translator Who is A Good Match For Your Needs

Finding the right Russian translator who is a good match for your needs can be tricky and overwhelming at times. But it’s crucial to take the time to do your research; otherwise, your investments might be useless. Here are a few important things you should consider before ordering Russian translation services. 1. Don't go for Russian translator services at the lowest price. 2. Don't hire your neighbor or just someone bilingual. 3. Some texts are difficult to translate than the others. 4. Always define the goal: why you need to translate this text. Inform the Russian translator about this goal. 5. Some text can be translated, some transcreated. Thus, the translation rates can be different. You should discuss that with your Russian translator. As soon as you clear these points out, you have to check, whether the Russian translator is the right one for your needs. In the post 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring The Best Russian Translator Online you can find a list of questions whi…

Why cheap Russian translator services will kill your online business

Companies that succeed in doing business in Russia, do one thing very well:

they make a deep and thorough seach of professional Russian language service providers.

If you go for cheap Russian translator services, you are doomed to the following:

1. Poor Russian language on a website means that a business owner doesn't care much about its customers. Thus, you will lose likeability.

2. Most customers will draw a conclusion that you didn't have enough money to invest in your business when entering the Russian marketplace. You will lose loyalty.

3. Some customers might consider you a cheat, as you do not offer your goods and services in the right language. All that you want is money. You will lose trust.

4. When you lose likeability, loyalty and trust on the market, you are unlikely to restore your reputation in the Russian-speaking market.

If you lose the opportunity to enter successfully the Russian-speaking market, that means that you will cut off 168 mln Russian-speaking customers.